There are two parts to this weekend program. Firefighting HOT, and First-Due Boss, which will be held Friday-Sunday, Nov. 9-11 in Kennebunk, Maine.

This weekend will provide firefighters with hands-on evolutions of engine and truck company techniques for the type of fires we go to most often, in single family occupancies, and specifically designed for the reality of our short-staffed crews.

The First Due Boss course is designed to teach and enhance the skills of those Firefighters and Fire Officers who are responsible for initial command actions on the fire ground.
The Combined Company Operations Firefighting evolutions will include hose stretches, hose line handling operations, hose movement to upper and lower floors, ground ladders, search techniques, ventilation/roof operations, and vent-enter-search techniques.

During the Sunday scenarios, attendees will work as operating companies under live fire conditions to practice skills and techniques learned and discussed earlier in the weekend.
First Due Boss:

DAY 1: The students will be learning and reviewing skills in the subjects of; Incident Size-up, Building Construction, Incident Stabilization Priorities and Effective Command Tactics.

DAY 2: The students will be acting in various command roles as part of firefighting teams operating in the Live Fire portion of the Combined Company Operations course. Students will rotate through the positions of a First Due Company Officer, Sector Officer and Command Staff.
There will be a Friday evening lecture to both portions of the weekend.

NOTE: Hands-on evolutions will be done at an acquired structure in Kennebunk Maine

Further details will be forthcoming.

Program cost is $165 for non-FOOLS members, $150 for FOOLS members.

First Due Boss program will be limited to the first dozen (12) PAID registrations received.

Fall Firefighting HOT and First Due Boss registration is open
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