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I have been asked to express some thoughts on “DUTY, PRIDE & TRADITION” for the F.O.O.L.S. web site. In doing so, it shall be my intent to instill a strong sense of awareness, stressing the importance and value of firefighters to themselves, their families, fire departments, and their communities. THAT WILL BE MY “DUTY”.

“DUTY” is defined as at one’s post or work, a task or chore one is expected to perform. It is answering the bell and being asked to perform tasks that challenge our physical and mental toughness under extreme conditions. It is our duty to prepare for these tasks through training, leadership, and “Esprit De Corps”. It is our moral obligation to be doers in the fire service, to prepare for, come at and meet the enemy…”BATTLE READY”. The fire ground is a battleground. It is the “DUTY” of the firefighter to form a barrier with his/her body against fire. Quote: “THAT PAIN MAY CEASE, HE YIELDS HIS FLESH TO PAIN” By Joyce Kilmer KIA in France in 1918.

“PRIDE” is defined as a state of feeling of being proud, a reflection of credit upon oneself. Pride is feeling good after a job well done! It is a feeling of goose bumps as you recount your actions; by going somewhere nobody else can go. By making a rescue and saving a life by being a part of a unit that successfully achieves its goal. Pride is wiping a tear from your eye and swallowing a lump in your throat, as you are hugged and kissed by a loved one, thankful you have returned safe and sound. Pride is a glow in your kids as they brag about you being a firefighter. Pride is wearing your uniform, proud of your colors, proud of your co-workers and fire department. Being a member of “THE NOBLEST BREED”.

“TRADITION” is defined as the handing down of statements,
beliefs, legends, customs, and information from generation to generation. A long established or inherited way of thinking or acting “Courage in the face of danger is a tradition of the fire service”. Firefighters of the past stand by us today, passing on their legacy and dedication to us, and our fire departments.

Tradition is the maintenance and connection of values with our heroes, pacesetters, and examples set by our idols! It is our foundation.
“Duty -Pride – Tradition” gives an individual the desire to serve – the ability to perform and the courage to act.
Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings.

Edmund J. Enright
Ret. Chicago Fire Dept.
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