Plenty of space still available, don’t get left out wondering why you weren’t there.
Join us the weekend of October 18th-20th at the Dennis R Lemery Training Center in Rogers CT.
Friday evening’s lecture will be presented by Chief Ken Himel of the Bayou Cane, Louisiana FD, FDIC speaker – “Don’t be that guy!”
Saturday will consist of multiple evolutions which will include a variety of engine and truck company skills and functions presented by a host of locally, regionally, and nationally known instructors.  Sunday will be a live-fire hands-on day of scenarios including what you did on Saturday.
New England’s two premier FOOLS Chapters have brought together a cadre of instructors who’s experience varies from all different corners of the American Fire Service from big city to small town.
More information available
Seats Available: Charter Oak and New England FOOLS Fall Fire 2019 Conference

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