On March 1st of 2019, the Berwick Maine Fire Department suffered an unimaginable tragedy. Captain Joel Barnes was killed in the Line of Duty while battling a multiple alarm fire.
We here at the New England FOOLS immediately began wondering what we could do to help.  Ultimately, what we decided upon is what we do best, and that is train firefighters. We reached out to the Berwick FD, and have come up with what we feel is a very fitting way to honor Captain Barnes.
In 2018, we put on a training event in honor of our Brother PJ Johnson, who was taken from us too soon in late ’17. In PJ’s legacy, and in Joel’s honor, we will train.
The New England FOOLS are proud to announce TugJake 2019, a memorial training event in honor of Captain Joel Barnes, Berwick Fire Dept.  Join us in Berwick, at the former Prime Tanning site across from Berwick Fire HQ on June 29th and 30th for two days of hands-on training by some of the region and the country’s premier fire instructors.
$150 for two days of hands-on training, lunch included. Single day option costs $100 (specify Saturday or Sunday) on the application, lunch included.
Application Deadline: June 21.
Applications will be accepted on the day of training for an additional $25 fee.
What’s Included: 
  • Forcible Entry
  • Vertical Ventilation
  • Street Smart Ladders
  • Forcible Entry With Rotary Saws
  • Residential Search
  • Engine Operations 1.75
  • Engine Operations 2.25
  • Through the Lock Tips and Tricks
Proceeds from the weekend will benefit the Berwick Firefighters Relief Association.
Booking Link: http://group.hamptoninn.com/FirefighterTraining

Hotel: Hampton Inn Dover

Group Name: Firefighter Training

Arrival Date: 27-Jun-2019

Departure Date: 30-Jun-2019

Join us. Remember them. Never Forget.